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Lean “sizzurp”

Lean “Lean,”“purple drank,”“sizzurp,”and“syrup”

These are nicknames for a potentially lethal cough syrup concoction containing promethazine and codeine. The drink is made using prescription cough syrup (the dye creates the purple coloring),soda and candy(for flavoring). The sweetness of the drink makes it easy to drink in large quantities and overlong periods of time.Lean originated in Texas as early as the 1960s, but quickly spread to the rest of the country as it gained publicity and grew in popularity. Celebrities have made headlines for being caught partying with lean, and it can commonly be found in the lyrics of rap songs by big-name artists. The drug may seem enticing—and even glamorous—to teens when it’s connected to role models such as athletes and musicians, regardless of the fact that some of these celebrities have died from the use of the drug. Misinformation is another aspect of the drug that is a cause for concern. Lean is rumored to be safe since the cough syrup is legal with a prescription. If a doctor prescribes a substance, it falsely appears less dangerous than other drugs. In reality, codeine is an opiate, which is highly addictive. Consuming the drink can lead to seizures, respiratory depression, and death and is even more dangerous when consumed with other drugs and alcohol.Even more alarming is the fact that 1 in 10 teens have tried a cough syrup drink of some kind, making it an entry-level drug with serious consequences.

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