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Teens Tuning into Teens

How much social media is too much and why? 

 Teens tuning into Teens and polling their opinions on social media use.



“There’s never too much social media. It gives you something to do when you’re bored. 

Drew Nye, freshman 


It’s too much when it fills up all your spare time and you feel obligated to check it when you get notified.” 

Fletcher Watson, freshman 


It’s too much when it gets in the way of more important things.” 

Josh Bentley, freshman 


It’s too much when it gets to the point where the person can’t focus on something important due to whats going on on their phone.” 

Dino Redzic, junior  


It’s too much when you’re using it in places where its just not respectful to use your phone. If you’re on it at that point, its become too much for you.”   

Max Miller, junior 


“The amount of social media that is acceptable is very limited. Although its a fun way to share pictures and comments, italso addicting and can cause major stress and anxiety. The less amount of time, the better.”   

Ashlyn Whitmer, junior 


“Social media is very prominent today, but there definitely is such a thing as too much. An obvious answer would be until you cant go throughout your day without thinking of opportunities to post. This is something that happens when someone is passionate about something, but that something shouldn’t be social media.”  

Ronan Newton, junior 




Interviews // Nobella Devine 

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