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September 9, 2021
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4 Real Journals


Every child communicates differently. Not all children can talk face-to-face, especially about the hard stuff. However, finding creative ways to communicate can help strengthen the foundation and deepen the communication.

To help encourage and cultivate strong communication, try journaling with your child. You can share challenges and successes, and tell your child how proud you are between the lines. Pass the journal back and forth to learn what’s going on in their world. Begin journaling early so it becomes part of your regular routine and can stand the test of time. 

Handcraft your journal by decorating it with special pictures of you and your child together, fun sayings and motivational words. 

Not only is journaling a fun way for you and your child to stay connected, it also provides your child with a new way to communicate with you. Enjoy this amazing time to be “4 real” with each other and create something that will last “4 ever.”

Tips for a successful experience:

  • Create the journal together- decorate it with special pictures of you both
  • Have a conversation of “why” you are doing this- explain that these are special private conversations with each other and that it also is an opportunity for your child to ask you questions about your life.
  • Have a “technique” of when you do this- leave it on a pillow, desk or special place that you both leave it at. This creates a “who’s” turn is it next.
  • Start the process by writing in it with a simple start of “What is your favorite color and why?”.
  • Starting the communication is key to building a foundation of communication. Start with the easy stuff that can eventually lead to the tougher stuff.


For more ideas on building healthy communication with your child add the Communication Issue to your MASK Library.


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