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5 reasons For Your Teen to Get A Summer Job

Take 5: Work Detail


As your teen prepares to enter the real world, he or she will discover that with employment, comes financial and personal independence. Looking towards the future, a job can be a great opportunity to learn a variety of life skills, from time management to financial responsibility. If your teen is ready to tackle the job market this summer, here are five reasons why making that decision is a wise one:


Time management

Adding a summer work shift to social events and family vacations can help teens learn to prioritize and manage their time better. This skill will be essential if your child decides to continue working during the school year, when homework returns. A job also provides a productive use of free time, keeping a teenager out of trouble.


Gain experience

Depending on the kind of summer job your teen is hoping to land, he may be required to submit a resume. Resume writing, as well as learning how to conduct himself during an interview, are valuable skills which will be very useful in the future when he seeks professional employment after graduation. His new job could also give insight to other career options and allow him to learn about his interests and abilities. 


Learn responsibility

In a work environment where managers depend on their employees, your teen will learn the importance of being responsible, dependable and staying on task — all valuable life skills she’ll need in adulthood.


Financial education

When teens earn their own money, they have the freedom to buy what they want. The good news is that once they know how much work went into earning their paycheck, your teen will likely develop more responsible spending habits. Money management also becomes essential when your teen begins to save up for major purchases like a new car or computer.


Build a network

Summer employment will give your teen contacts with employers and colleagues who can be references for him for college applications or future employment opportunities. Maintaining these contacts could give your teen a better chance at advancement or a leg-up in landing a new position somewhere else.

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