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5 Tips for Digital Learning

Many families across the country engaged in remote learning or online programs like ASU Prep Digital. Here are some tools and tips for online student learning and success:


Set a schedule and check in often

One of the major differences between online learning and brick-and-mortar is that students have the freedom to work at their own pace. Help your child put together a schedule that allows them to work on assignments in a timely fashion without feeling overwhelmed, and check in often to ensure they’re staying on track.


Take breaks

It’s important to take breaks! Working for too long can cause burnout and make it harder to complete tasks. Scheduling downtime throughout the day will give your child’s mind and body the break it needs, whether it’s taking a walk, having a snack, or snuggling your pet! Set a timer so they know when to stop and rest.


Eliminate distractions

If your child is surrounded by things that make it hard to focus, chances are they won’t get much done. On top of creating a dedicated distraction-less workspace, consider setting an alarm for “social media breaks” or using apps to help limit social media usage. There are even Google Chrome extensions, such as StayFocused and Block Site, that can temporarily block access to distracting websites.


Use a planner

Having one place to jot down assignments and important deadlines will keep students on track. Planners come in digital or physical versions. Companies such as The Happy Planner and BlueSky allow you to personalize your physical planner. You can also utilize apps, such as Wunderlist or myHomework Student Planner, to create daily to-do lists and get reminders for upcoming tests or assignments.


Encourage your child to engage in extracurricular activities 

Online learning is easier with friends! Online schools offer clubs just like brick-and-mortar schools do, which makes it easier for students to make friends with the same interests. From book club to student government, there’s no shortage of activities that will help your child develop connections with their peers.


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