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5 Tips To Survive Stress


Stress hurts our life; we still deny the fact, and it could cause problems such as mental disorders.

Stress reduces our efficiency and lessens our capabilities of living a happy life. Daily life’s hectic routine is also a vital factor that leads us towards stress. Hence, some people take it as an opportunity for growth, and others might not tackle the situation. There are many ways to survive stress. Dementia Care Whittier, a well-known memory care institute, suggests that stress leads to poor memory. The experts of Dementia Care Whittier, suggests that human being can control the stress by having a good night sleep, eating a proper diet, daily exercise, etc. 


Below are the highly suggested ways to survive the stress.




The expert of Dementia Care Whittier explains that daily exercise does not mean you have to spend hours in the gym. You have to keep your heart racing, as you can ride a bicycle or go for a walk regularly. Regular exercise will release endorphins and gives a great feeling. Moreover, the exercise will lead you to take other positive steps to get rid of stress. The expert advisor of Dementia Care Whittier highlights that going for a walk gives us a chance to interact with other people that is also a good step towards releasing stress. Research conducted at the University of London indicated that daily walk and exercise effectively treat stress symptoms. If you are alone and trying hard to get some inspiration, look in your surrounding and catch the opportunities. You can join clubs that offer multiple actives like hiking, yoga, or sports like basketball, football, etc.


Manage Your Time Wisely


People feel stress due to many reasons, such as running out of time to complete a given task. It could be related to work or study. Dementia Care Whittier is a great memory care unit and suggests that proper time management techniques help you get rid of stress. If you are having the same problem, you can solve it by creating a schedule. Manage your schedule by breaking down your tasks into smaller parts and deciding what is urgent. In the second phase, you have to segregate the important and non-important tasks. It will help you to complete your tasks on time and allow you to get time for yourself. 


Getting a Good Sleep 


Sleep is a very promising factor that can reduce and increase your stress. If you are not having a good night’s sleep, you might feel stressed. Therefore, getting enough sleep helps you to stay relax and healthy. The doctors at Dementia Care Whittier suggest that having a little rest before sleep helps you give quality sleep. You must decide a time for your sleep and follow it regularly. The exact time for having enough sleep is not mentioned, but 8 hours are recommended. Stress also disturbs your sleep; therefore, you should make sure that you relax before going to bed. You can take a bath, watch your favorite movie or sit in the open air and read. Moreover, avoid the screen as much as you can.


Get Organized 


Organizing yourself also helps you to release stress. You need to make a list and mention things that make you happy. Moreover, you should write down things that could be completed on the same day. Include your academic tasks, eating habits, and daily sleep time. Try to follow your sleep time and wake up early. The experts say, getting early in the morning is beneficial for your body and improves your mental health.


Have friends 


Isolation hurts your mental health. You must accept that and try talking to peoples to feel a bit better. In addition, you can speak to your friends, as they know you better and care about you. Increasing your social circle will help you to reduce stress and changes your mood.

Share your problems with your family members and ask them to assist you in gaining some perspective. Moreover, talk to other students in your class or colleagues in the office, and you will see that you are not alone. Take their advice to manage and reduce your stress. 

 By//Annika Wells 

Loving Home Care Inc.

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