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5 Simple Tips for S.A.T ‘s

 5 Simple Tips for S.A.T s

1. Start early.

Visit college board.org and select a target test date. Working backwards from that date, plan a test prep timetable. While helping your child come up with realistic goals. For the best head start, encourage your child to take challenging courses through middle and high school. This not only helps them prepare for the SATs, but also for the rigors of college.

2. Know what the expectations are at the college(s) your child wishes to attend.

Different schools have different admissions requirements—some put more emphasis on SAT scores, some on high school transcripts. Basic admissions requirements and desirable SAT scores are usually posted on the college’s website,or you can contact the school’s admissions office.

3. Read.

It shows that students who are“readers” have a much easier time navigating the critical reading and writing sections.Regular reading helps strengthen vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. Visit the library often, subscribe to magazines and newspapers, and give your child ample opportunity to read.

4. Get familiar with the test.

Knowing the test format, the types of questions asked, the directions for each section, and the timing involved is key to increasing confidence and decreasing test anxiety.

5. Practice, practice, practice.

In fact, research shows that timed practice tests are the single most effective way to improve SAT scores. Practice questions and tests can be found online at collegeboard.org, in SAT preparation books and through reputable SAT preparation program.
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