Asrick-cabral an experienced real estate advisor, Rick Cabral is in the business of helping people find their dream homes. He also helps people sell their homes to transition to the next stage of their lives. These homes are where people can raise their families and create cherished memories with the ones they love. As the father of five children, Rick is also “in the business” of raising his family and making sure they stay close and connected, especially in a fast-paced world in which children are faced with new and ever-changing issues.“The most difficult challenge is keeping up to speed with what kids are facing today,” he says. “I constantly have to remember that our children face a different culture with an increasing number of challenges my generation did not.”Rick believes one of the best ways to connect with his children is through their interests. He plays sports with them, and attends their games and functions. Most importantly, he shares experiences from his own childhood—good and bad—to help guide them as they make decisions in their own lives.“I enjoy sharing and connecting with my children so they, first, feel loved, and second, know their feelings matter and are validated,” Rick says.As a sponsor of MASK, Rick has watched his wife Kimberly Cabral and the MASK team work passionately and relentlessly over the last nine years for a truly special purpose.“Personally, sponsoring MASK is the least I could do and I am very proud to be associated with this organization,” he says. “If sponsorship can move the needle further for their cause, I am happy to do so.”

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