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May 20, 2021
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6 Things People With High EQ Do Well

Developing our children’s emotional intelligence is important to set them up for success.


Here are six benefits why is it.


  1. Respond rather than react. Once they get a handle on the root cause of a negative emotion, they typically respond with a patient, “keep calm” approach.
  2. Show up with their real selves. Face difficult people and situations with emotional honesty and transparency.
  3. Think before they speak. Gather their thoughts before they speak, which gives them the chance to quickly assess the costs and benefits of their actions and make more careful choices.
  4. Handle tough situations better. Stay calm and positive through tough conversations, and set boundaries with people during unhealthy conflicts.
  5. Practice self-control. Are more present, calm and focused during times of high stress, necessary skills with long-term payoffs.
  6. Look at the whole picture. Able to see both sides of an issue and tap into their feelings and those of others to choose a different and better outcome.


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