April 17, 2021
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April 19, 2021
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7 Days of Inspiring Meals with Meaning? 

Take the MASK meals that matter challenge…

From WEB Md A report by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA) says that, compared to teens who eat dinner with their families five to seven times per week, those who don’t are twice as likely to have used tobacco, nearly twice as likely to have used alcohol, and 1.5 times likelier to have used marijuana.

The CASA report also says that:

  • 72% of teens think eating dinner with their parents on a regular basis is very or fairly important.
  • Teens who have fewer than three family dinners per week are twice as likely to say they can obtain in an hour or less marijuana or prescription drugs they would use to get high, compared to peers eating five to seven family dinners weekly.

Take the time to use this guideline and talking the time to sitting around the table to talk. You can download the MASKmatters app to print out our conversation starters, and to create your Table Talk Container.

Have fun and stir up great memories and conversation.

Meatless Monday– Veggies are important and what a great way to incorporate them into healthy eating. Establishing healthy eating and conversation to start each week off on the right foot. 

Taco Tuesday– This is an easy one to do at home or go to your favorite taco shop, but remember to be tech free and talk. 

Waffle Wednesday– Who says breakfast is only for the morning. Bring out your waffle maker and have your kids involved with all the toppings.. Get through the hump day with PJs enjoying a family breakfast for dinner 

Thursday Splurge Day– Start a jar filled of your favorite restaurants and on Thursdays take turns picking where you go. Since everyone joined in on the options this will eliminate ay rolled eyes or resistance. 

Fishy Friday– Invite your kids friends to come and join, it is beneficial to know and learn who your children are hanging out with. 

Slow and roll Saturday– Weekends can be busy with kids sporting events, birthday parties and everything else life brings. Utilize your favorite slow cooker recipe and let the dice roll and make it a game night 

Soup and Salad Sunday– Hit your farmers market with your family and hand pick your favorite veggies and have them help you create the meal. When your kids are part of the process they are more willing to try new things. Focus on togetherness.

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