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November 30, 2020
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7 Effective Ways to Combat Bullying 

Life Skills 

Combating bullying 

Build self-esteem 

To develop your child’s self-esteem, make sure they recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and teach them to feel good about themselves. Self-esteem can protect against bullying because kids are less likely to pick on someone whos self-confident and in control. 


Foster friendships 

Bullies are less likely to target kids who have a strong and supportive group of friends. Help your child develop friendships, especially when they’re young. Schedule play datesget them involved in activities, and have conversations about what makes friendships healthy. 


Teach assertiveness 

When kids are passive or give in all the time, they may get taken advantage of or bullied. Teach your child to be assertive by encouraging them to express their thoughts and feeling, and to stand up for their rights. 


Instill respectfulness   

Everyone deserves respect and has value. When children recognize this, they’re less likely to bully others and more likely to stand up against bullyingStress to your kids that everyone deserves respect and that they shouldn’t surround themselves with people who aren’t respectful. 


Cultivate resiliency   

Teaching your child how to deal with problems without letting it affect them is a valuable life skill. Resiliency helps kids counteract the impact of bullying and what’s more, kids who are resilient can be honest about their feelings and communicate how they’re feeling to others. 


Model empathy   

When kids can feel empathy for others, they are in tune with what others are feeling and often communicate care and concern. To teach your child empathy, model the behavior at home. Demonstrate care and concern for others by donating to the needy or volunteering at a food bank. 


Practice problem-solving   

Teach your child to identify their feelings and manage their impulses. Also, give your child tools for solving conflicts such as learning to collaborate and to anticipate consequences. 


By: Hayley Seeley

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