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Alcohol Vaping

Alcohol vaping was first introduced in 2004 when the Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) device was released.

The US abruptly banned the product and the idea behind it seemingly disappeared. Now, as videos of people smoking alcohol have surfaced on social media sites like Youtube, the concept has returned. The technique of the AWOL mechanism is so easily replicable that the materials needed can be found at home; a plastic bottle, cork, and bike pump are all that are required.
It’s as simple as that. Health professionals have pointed out several dangers associated with smoking alcohol. It’s nearly impossible to monitor exactly how much alcohol has been consumed when vaping, making the chance of alcohol poisoning high. Furthermore, the body’s natural reaction to preventing overdose as a result of alcohol poisoning is to reject the alcohol by vomiting. But when alcohol is taken in as vapor there’s nothing in the stomach to vomit.
Doctors also warn that the lungs are not designed to inhale something like alcohol. Creating a higher risk for lung infection. Alcohol vaping has appeals to teens. One being that fewer calories are ingested from alcohol vapor as opposed to liquid. When anything is inhaled the substance skips digestive organs. Such as the stomach and intestines, and instead goes directly into the lungs and bloodstream, metabolizing fewer calories.
This process of entering the bloodstream almost instantly, also allows people to feel drunk faster. Due to the growing popularity of alcohol vaping it’s important to talk to your kids about the dangers associated.
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