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Aloha! It’s a Luau!

Summer is a time when families can come together, escape, relax and forget the stresses of school and busy schedules. And while jetting off to an exotic escape can be fun and exciting, with so many family members involved, scheduling can be a challenge. 

This summer, rather than taking on the challenge of planning a family-wide vacation, consider hosting a Hawaiian luau-themed reunion at home. Make the celebration your own with some creative ideas:


Send Hawaiian-themed invitations to your luau guests. Create your own using your home computer and printer, or add touches of Hawaii to professionally printed invitations. Thanks to the Internet, you can even translate your guests names into Hawaiian.


What’s a luau without Hawaiian music? Set the mood by creating a playlist of some island favorites like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Hawaiian version), “My Little Grass Shack” by Don Ho or “Rock-a-Hula” by Elvis Presley.


Transform your outdoor space into a tropical paradise with such decorative items as tiki torches, tropical flowers and tribal masks. Have partygoers set the scene by inviting them to wear Hawaiian print shirts, grass skirts and leis, and colorful flip-flops.

Food and drink 

For a true taste of Hawaii, serve such things as grilled beef, chicken or shrimp on a stick, fruit salad and a pineapple pound cake for dessert. Thirst quenchers include virgin daiquiris and pina coladas.


Hire hula dancers to perform and teach party guests how to dance. This is a great way for all the family to bond together while having some fun!

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