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December 11, 2015
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Break The Ice

Whether your family spends holiday vacation time taking advantage of a well-deserved break by lounging around the house or busy gift shopping and entertaining guests, it’s nice to take some time to bond as a family.

Ice skating is a great activity to help break up the monotony of lying on the couch or to take some time off from the hustle of the season. It’s the perfect way to build lasting memories while embracing holiday spirit.
shutterstock_67695757The holidays always seem to bring about a feeling of whimsical magic and engaging in activities consistent with the season will add a certain charm to family bonding. Spending time in crisp winter air will assure you that Jack Frost is nipping at your noses, and kids will love the excuse to drink more hot cocoa! Meanwhile parents may find it a nostalgic exercise complete with memories of first learning to skate and young holiday joy.
Skating is not only a fun activity for everyone to enjoy but is also a good way to engage in physical activity. Compared to other physical activities that separate people and become individual work, skating is something the family can do as a whole, circling around the rink together. And it’s a low impact sport making it safe for family members of all ages to partake in. It’s also relatively easy to pick up; even new beginners find that they are able to maneuver on their own after minimal practice.
Planning an ice skating trip is easy and can be affordable family fun. Check Groupon to see if your local ice rink has posted any recent deals. Every family needs time together to bond especially during the holidays where the memories made can become a little more magical.

By: Amanda Cardini

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