January 9, 2023

Effective Ways to Model Kindness

Kindness and compassion come naturally to children, from sharing a little bite to offering a hug when their friend needs it most. One of our many […]
September 30, 2022

The Age of Entitlement

  How to raise your kids in an instant gratification world   Remember that child in the store, the one begging his parents for the latest […]
September 18, 2022

Parent Monitoring and Support Keep Kids Safer

When kids are singled out and bullied, it sets the stage for social isolation and feelings of worthlessness. With the digital age, bullying is no longer […]
August 12, 2022

Squash the Entitlement

According to Fay, when parents and caregivers fail to set boundaries, one sad result is that kids can develop a sense of entitlement and never learn […]
July 7, 2022

MASK Top Tips

When it comes to parenting today incorporating these topics and conversation is key.     Bully Building self-esteem is a great way to give your child […]
June 28, 2022

Warning Signs of Bullying

We must be on the lookout for the warning signs of bullying. Children being bullied will often withdraw from those around them, especially friends they used […]
March 7, 2022

Bullying Is Not A Rite Of Passage

Bullying is not a rite of passage, and we need to help prepare our children to recognize it.  Seventy four percent of eight to 11-year-olds say […]
February 26, 2022

Bystander or Upstander

A BYSTANDER is a person who is standing near, but is not taking part in what is happening.     An UPSTANDER is person who stands up […]
February 17, 2022

Girls Bully Too

Most studies about bullying focus on boys as aggressors, but GIRLS can be bullies too!  And when girls bully,  it can be an entirely different beast! […]