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August 1, 2018
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Forgetting Your Child in the Car

forgotten child

A new survey finds that a majority of parents are still unaware or refuse to believe that they are susceptible to forgetting a child in the car. It’s this fatal belief that prevents people from taking simple precautions that can save their child’s life.

Research shows that every parent, even the most loving and responsible, is at risk of forgetting a child in a car.

· Only 16% of parents are concerned it can happen to them.

· 78% think negatively of a parent who forgets a child in a car. (Parents are “irresponsible”, “unfit to be a parent”, and even “murderers”)

· Only 15% currently take precautions.

(Full survey results and analysis here)

The survey is part of an awareness campaign. “It Can Happen” aimed at educating parents that it can happen to anyone. The campaign website explains the brain process that allows someone to forget their precious child in a car.




We hope that this campaign will finally convince people that we are all at risk of forgetting a child and that every parent must take precautions to prevent these tragedies.



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