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March 30, 2021
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College Life And Body Comparison

Body image is of great concern to young adults because body dissatisfaction is one of the most consistent risk factors for low self-esteem, eating disorders, obesity and depression for this age range.

Young adults are very commonly heard to be comparing their bodies to each other and complaining about their shape, size, height etc… This can create laughter and form close relationships however it can also create depression from body comparison.

This is also the first time young adults have total control over their diet and really start to make their own decisions about what they eat all the time. This can be a critical time in terms of developing habits that can lead to obesity or dangerous weight loss. Social media also plays a huge role in body image as young adults have more access than ever before. Preparing your young adult child to meet these demands means giving them information so that they can handle the challenge of making health based decisions about how they eat and exercise as opposed to making choices based on body image and how they want to look. Give them resources for health and wellness as they launch into adulthood. Help them develop acceptance for who they are and how they look.

What you can do:

  •          Give them resources on health and wellness
  •          Help them understand nutrition so they can manage how they eat on their own in a healthy way
  •           Talk to them about acceptance, tolerance, empathy
  •           Help them learn to accept themselves
  •           Talk about weight gain and loss and what is healthy
  •           Talk to them about social media pressures
  •           Discuss the need to fit in and how it may impact how they see themselves
  •           Prepare them for launching into independence with information about body image


  •          They will have a healthy self-esteem
  •          They will be able to model acceptance and tolerance
  •           They will not judge others on how they look
  •           They will not judge themselves on how they look
  •           They will be able to make decisions based on health and wellness
  •            They are able to demonstrate independence
  •           The don’t show inappropriate concern regarding their appearance
  •           they make friends with diverse groups of people
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