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More Colleges Going Online

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Students Can Get Prepared Through Online High School Courses

Over the past year, colleges throughout the country, including all the major universities in Arizona, are offering more online programs. And even adding an online aspect to their traditional degrees. With all of this push for an online college education, here are a few reasons why taking online courses in high school now can help students become better prepared for college.

Online students learn discipline

In an online environment, there is no assigned seats or raising your hand to ask to use the bathroom. Online students instead enjoy the freedom of completing their schoolwork on their schedule, when and where they want. With this added benefit comes great responsibility, a great trait to learn while in high school as Primavera Online High School graduate Jayde Kolb said. “(Online school) helps you achieve responsibility, taking charge of your own learning,” said Kolb. “I’ve heard college stories saying you’re not going to have someone babysitting you, and I think with online school, you get that experience already… to take charge of your own learning, education and responsibilities.”

With more flexibility, students manage their schedule

In college, students choose the time and day they want to attend classes and study. Online courses in high school are very similar to that. Students who take online courses can take advantage of working on their assignments when and where they want, in order to balance the other activities in their lives such as working a job or participating in student clubs. These options are also available to them in college.

Online students gain experience communicating with teachers outside the classroom

In a brick and mortar school, students interact with their teachers in person every single school day. Transferring to the college environment classroom sizes can range anywhere from 100-500 students. Which can be a rough transition for students. This, combined with more online degree programs and online aspects being added to the classroom, is the reason college students communicate with their professors less in person. Professors are more readily available via emails and phone calls, just like in an online environment. Similarly, online high school instructors are available by phone, email and instant messaging. Help students get the personalized support they need. And getting them used to communicating with a teacher the way they would with a college professor.

Online students become familiarized with completing online assignments

Even if students plan to take college courses in person, they will most likely still have an online aspect. Now more than ever, in-person colleges have online assignments, exams and resources. Students who take online high school courses become more comfortable with the idea of logging in. And completing coursework, exams and even doing research online.

If your student is looking to take online high school courses, many schools are still enrolling. Primavera Online High School enrolls every two weeks. To start the enrollment process, head to ChoosePrimavera.com/Enroll.

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