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December 14, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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Conversation Jar


If you want to improve communication with your family, start the conversation by making conversation. It can be challenging to start the conversation with your kids and you may be nervous or feel as if they won’t want to hear what you have to say. But one of the best ways to begin talking to your kids about difficult topics is to “break the ice” with fun topics.  

One creative way to get the discussion going is to make a “chatter matters” jar for your family. First, find a time to sit down with your kids to make the jar. Use colorful construction paper, glitter, paint, stickers and markers to decorate and personalize your family jar. Then, on small pieces of paper, write some conversation starters that would be fun and appropriate for your whole family and add them to your jar. 

Have your children help come up with some of the conversation starters that will go inside it. Not all of the conversation starters have to prompt a serious discussion. It’s okay to have some silly ones, too. Remember, the point is to have fun and talk to each other 

Once you’re finished, put the jar in a place where your family spends a lot of time together, such as the kitchen or living room. The dining room table is a perfect location for the jar so that whenever you sit down together for a meal, a lively discussion is sure to follow. Take turns drawing a conversation starter so each family member has a turn to give the prompt. 

The conversation jar is a fun and effective way to get your family talking about important – and not so important – topics in a casual and easy environment. What you learn about each other may surprise you! 

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