March 25, 2016
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Alcohol is the Most Consumed Drug by Minors
April 1, 2016
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Crucial Companions

cyber bullying
Feeling isolated from the effects of cyber bullying, Pinnacle High School freshman Katie Glen* realized she wasn’t the only student going through it. Which lead her to her crucial companions.
Glen switched from a very small and secluded private school to Pinnacle High School in 2010 along with her good friend, Lindsey Day*.
However, Glen found high school to be an overwhelming experience and felt miserable because of mean comments left on her Formspring page.“I was really upset. [Whoever bullied me] knew who I was dating at the time and said I wasn’t good enough for him. They also called me fat, ugly and many other rude names,”Glen says.
Days later, Glen found out that she was not the only one being terrorized and discovered that Day was also being harassed on Formspring.“They said she was ugly, anorexic and didn’t belong here. When she found out about the comments, she cried because she was so upset,” Glen says. Since Glen and Day both needed a friend’s support through the ordeal, they turned to the person who understood their emotions best: each other.
By// Hailey Heldt
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