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Cyberbullies Defeated

cyberbullies defeated
A 15-year-old’s experience with this generation’s new form of bullying.
 Of all the websites on the Internet, one in particular affected Pinnacle High School sophomore Justin Adams’* life and self-esteem. From early childhood to today, his passion for the performing arts flourished into a life-long aspiration. Unfortunately, this interest gave people reason to put him down and stereotype him. Through Formspring.com, Adams was bullied without knowing who posted the cruel comments. Fortunately, Adams’ optimistic attitude trampled all their attempts.“If anything, it pushes me farther, knowing that I may be famous and leave all of these people in the dust,” Adams says.
Teenagers continued bullying him once he identified himself as a homosexual.
Yet, with the support of family and friends, Adams ignores the negative opinions and comments.“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. By being pushed around, I was forced to be stronger,”he says. Living for 15 years under the stress of bullying made Adams a stronger individual and gave him the power to ignore harsh comments. Additionally, he encourages other victims of bullying to“cut off all means of contact with people and websites that you’re being bullied on. You aren’t being a coward. You’re simply not fighting back.”
By// Nikke Charnstrom
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