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Think Before You Drink

think before you drink
Planning to take the kids to an adult birthday party? Heading out for a family barbecue? Before you toast your BFF on her 40th or wash down those ribs with a cold beer, ask yourself these important questions.
Who’s the designated driver tonight?
If your spouse, partner or friend has agreed to be the designate driver, talk about this with the kids on the way to the party or event to send a clear message about drinking and driving.
Will I be the only driver?
If you’re the only driver that night, better to have your kids observe you refusing a drink than observing you having one and getting behind the wheel. Make a point of letting the kids see you saying no. Your behavior could give them pause later on—when they’re considering getting into a car with someone who’s been drinking.
Am I practicing What I’ve been preaching?
When your kids see you actively modeling sane, safe behavior around drinking and driving, they’re more likely to do the same when they’re old enough to drive. So maybe have a soda or mineral water and save the drink for another time.
Do my friends and family share my views on good modeling?
Are there people in your life who don’t understand why you’re “making such a fuss” about one little drink? You may want to gently educate them about the hazards of saying one thing (“never drink and drive”) and then doing another. Seventy-five percent of teens report that their parents are the greatest influence on whether they drink or not.
By// Leonora Doyle
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