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August 29, 2021
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August 31, 2021
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Only ten years ago, e-cigarettes became available in Western Markets. Now, vaping is a constantly evolving, widespread trend. Dripping is only one of the multiple new ways people use vaporizers. 


Vaporizers are designed to apply a specific amount of heat to the wick through a heated coil within the device. While dripping, an individual applies liquid to the coil themselves. Although this sounds no more dangerous than using a vaporizer as intended, dripping generates a higher coil temperature which allows more toxic chemicals such as volatile aldehydes to be released. More heat also increases the possibility of explosions.


Dripping has become a trend because this process makes the vapor cloud larger, provides more flavor, and gives a stronger hit. However, all of these ‘advantages’ are actually disadvantages because of the negative effects on an individual’s health. A larger vapor cloud means that more vapor is entering into the body, more flavor means the vapor is less filtered, and a stronger hit means the individual is getting more nicotine in a shorter period of time which can lead to higher risks of addiction. 


Furthermore, when an individual is adding drops of the liquid themselves, it is easy to think that they are vaping less which can actually lead to a higher rate of use. Seeing as vaping liquids often have nicotine in them, a higher rate of use may easily result in a higher risk of addiction.

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