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June 29, 2021
July 2, 2021
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Individuals with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are happier, successful and healthier. As parents, this is essentially what we want for our kids. So how do we help develop our children’s emotional intelligence? 

As parents, we have to start developing our child’s emotional intelligence by first understanding our own emotions through self-awareness, and then showing emotional control through practicing mindfulness, emotional regulation, and active coping,” says Dr. Shefali Gandhi, a licensed psychologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. “When we include the language of emotions in our daily routines and model emotional awareness, we are laying the groundwork for our children to have high EQs, be socially sophisticated, and feel a sense of self-accomplishment.”

Whether you have an elementary, junior high, high school or college student, Dr. Gandhi offers an age-appropriate guide on teaching our children to be more emotionally intelligent, and modeling this behavior to them, as well.

To read the age appropriate guide on EQ grab MASK The Magazine EQ Issue and from cover to cover learn the power of teaching your child these skills

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