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February 26, 2016
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February 26, 2016
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Victim of social media attack still questions why.
 In the spring of 2010, a group of Pinnacle High School students created a group on Facebook about junior Aubrey Stecher*. She discovered it a week after its creation and found it filled with cruel comments that insulted her physical appearance and made violent threats against her.
“I found out about the group because my supposed ‘best friend’ told me about it and acted as if she had nothing to do with it,”Stecher says. Stecher told the vice principal because the group was still on the site days later.
Once notified of the situation, he and Stecher immediately called her parents and, because threats were made, the police. Shortly after, the school administration questioned several students to find out where the page originated.
“To this day, I have no clue why the group was created. I question it a lot and wonder about it. Looking back, the kids who were involved must have been very insecure to have done something like that,”
Stecher says. Stecher thinks that the best thing to do in a situation like hers is to tell a trusted adult. She advises other victims to be strong and use kindness to diffuse the situation rather than escalating it by fighting back.
– Hailee Pallas
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