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May 20, 2016
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May 20, 2016
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Taking A Leap of Faith

leap of faith

Self-confidence helps victims to take a stand against bullying.

For Pinnacle High School junior Joan Harding*, her Christian leap of faith was the ray of hope against cyberbullying.
The harassment started when her best friend Chelsea Moran*, who was jealous of the time Harding spent with other friends, sent Harding derogatory text messages. Without a best friend, Harding dealt with the betrayal and the pain of cyberbullying alone. The malicious texts continued and, as hard as she tried to ignore them, there were too many to forget. Comments like “Aren’t you so cool hanging out with your church?,” You don’t even have friends there,” and “You are such a loser who doesn’t do anything fun” sent her into a summer of torment and confusion.
Soon after, Harding was diagnosed with depression so severe that she switched from a public high school to being home-schooled. With the support of her family and her faith, however, Harding has regained her confidence and plans to return to Pinnacle in 2011.
– Jenny LaPorte
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