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Family Sporting Games


With approximately 35 million children involved in organized sports each year, practices become routine. On the sidelines, parents cheer on their children, feeling that is their designated role. With the desire to interact with their children, parents can break this set routine. 

Likely, many parents feel the need to make their child’s sporting experience more enjoyable. Just because your child finishes practice, doesn’t mean it’s necessary to pack up the car and head on home right away. For example, rally the other parents sitting on the sidelines at your child’s soccer practice (or any sport, for that matter) and join together as a team. Once the whistle blows at the conclusion of practice, sprint onto the field and announce the start of a parents verse kids scrimmage. The look on their faces will be priceless, and hopefully they’ll look forward to the game each week.  

If your child isn’t involved in a recreational sport, create your own team at home. Have a family with children ranging from all different ages? Try playing flag football by splitting your family into two separate teams or even joining another neighborhood family for a weekly game. If choosing the latter, go as far as designing and ordering family team jerseys. Taking a cheaper route, purchase plain shirts and tie-dye them with your children, personalizing them with names and numbers across the back. In addition to getting your children excited to play, they’ll even have a souvenir to cherish when they look back at their family filled days. 

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