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Five things to teen-proof your home 


When you’re children were little, you kept them safe by covering outlets and using childproof locks. Now that your kids are teens, it’s still important to keep them safe from everyday things that could pose a danger. Here are five things to “teen-proof” your home: 


AlcoholKeep track or keep an inventory of alcoholic beverages in your refrigerator. Keep other alcohol locked in a cabinet or use bottle locks. If your teen is having friends over, set clear rules ahead of time: no alcohol, no tobacco and no drugs everKeep the party in an easily monitored area of the house and make regular, unobtrusive checks. 


Over-the-counter and prescription medicationsOnly buy the medicines you need (preferably in limited amounts) and keep track of what you use. Also make a habit of locking up medications, and cleaning out your medicine cabinets regularly. For unused and/or outdated medicine, research recycling or drop-off locations near you. 


Common household objects. Monitor the contents of your kitchen cabinets, garage, office, or anywhere in the house where cleaners, solvents and aerosols are stored. Also keep track of “sharps” such as razors, precision knives (like X-Acto), pocketknives and syringes. If you’re throwing away these items, consider a disposal container, available for purchase at your local pharmacy. 


Firearms. If there are firearms in your home, make sure they are stored unloaded in a locked safe and/or with trigger locks, separate from ammunition, in a secure location. 

Also, keep keys and combinations with you. Talk to friends and relatives about doing the same 


InternetCheck your teen’s social networking accounts to make sure there is no identifying information that could put them at risk of having a predator target them. Also monitor your teen’s cell phone use, including texting, photos and apps. Insist on their passwords for their cell phone, social accounts, and apps. Ensure online use is in open areas of your home so Internet use can be better monitored.

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