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May 2, 2018
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May 26, 2018
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Our children are under attack by the overwhelming availability of harmful drugs, and in particular: BLACK TAR HEROIN. it would be wonderful if we could just close our eyes and wish this substance gone, but its time to open our eyes, not close them. IN the last forty eight months, the drug dealers, supplied from Mexico, have refocused their efforts away from the inner city, towards the suburbs. They realize that the most money to buy drugs is in your neighborhood. My under 21 years of age addict patients tell me it is easier and cheaper to buy Black Tar Heroin than a six pack of beer!
Believe me I know that heroin is very scary, and the images that come to mind of the junkie, etc are simply horrific. Imagine for a second, however, that you are experiencing all the angst, depression, self esteem, physical growth, family, and interpersonal challenges of a fourteen-year-old. You are at a party, and you take just a tiny “sniff” of this drug. In about 25 seconds, all of these concerns dissolve into a total feeling of euphoria.
This euphoria, unfortunately, is unlike anything most of us have experienced. The euphoria can be easily repeated, then it becomes weekly, then daily, then ADDICTION. Remember all of this availability and popularity of this new addictive substance is all within the last 48 months or so. I know, you are thinking, “this could never happen to my kids!” I would suggest to you that for sure, you are very naive. Heroin is in your schools, in your neighborhood, on your street, and maybe in your house. Heroin is one of the most powerful Opioids.
I know you have all read of “other kids” having problems and they are sent off to treatment centers. When these kids come back home, they relapse, and you think “he just has no will power!” Will power has nothing to do with the Opioid Epidemic. Treatment centers are using protocols designed for alcoholics, with therapy and words that are just not strong enough to overpower the lure of opioid highs.
WE are all challenged to fight this epidemic. The Army, the DEA, the FBI, the Coast Guard, Border agents, and state and local police have had NO IMPACT on the Opioid crises. Actually, the availability is INCREASING, not DECREASING.


Kent I Phillips, Master Addiction Specialist