Episode 1: The Vape Escape

Hear from Dr. Shefali Gandhi on the growing issue of vaping and the long term effects from this trend.


 Episode 2: The Virtual Drug

Hear from Bobbe McGinley, counselor and clinical director of ACT Counseling, about the growing problem of child and teen video game addiction.



 Episode 3: Traffick Jam       

Learn the signs that your child may be being lured, and give your kids tools to keep them from becoming a target for predators. 
hear from Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, MSW, Ph.D., ASU Assoc. Professor & Director of the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research


 Episode 4: Tech Check         

Hear from Dr. Susan Wilder, MD, IFMCP of Lifescape Premier,  about the digital world our children are living in and the overall health risks of too much screen time.


Episode 5 : Worries on the Mind

Hear from Dr. Susan Wilder, MD, IFMCP of Lifescape Premier, about worry, anxiety and how to help your children in these current times.


Episode 6 : Digital Learning 101

Hear from Dr. Laura Maloney from ASU Prep. Are blended learning communities to way of the future?


Hear from Dr. Ryan Stoll from ASU on the stressors and health issues Gen Z are facing.


Hear from Dr. Shefali Gandhi on How resilience strengthens and  immunizes family against adversity- poverty, abuse, and stress.



Hear from Jason Manning from ASU Prep on protecting your child from becoming a victim of cancel culture? How you can help your children represent and protect themselves in a digital world.



Hear from Christina Ivanhoe a Board Certified Health Coach as we weigh in on the importance on physical and emotional health and how to model balance for our children. Are you modeling a healthy lifestyle?


Hear from  Dr. Gabrielle Rozio from Midwestern University, as we discuss how to help your child identify, manage and process through what they are feeling.