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Go Tech-Free


Today, everything revolves around cell phones. People can’t put them down, no matter where they are and we may even go so far as to call them an addiction. Having one means everyone can keep up on social media, not having one means one-on-one connecting with each other and the world around you. 

While our smart phones can be entertaining, they can also be extremely distracting. Eating dinner or having a conversation with your family is almost impossible with screens in the way.  

Ridding yourself of technology altogether may not be feasible, but doing it for one day certainly is. This summer, try starting a tech-free day with your family. Leave your cell phones at home and go outside for a fun-filled day of activities without a device to look at. This can lead to better communication and bonding as a family, as well as having everyone be a part of their surroundings—not just snapping photos of them.  

Going tech-free doesn’t just lead to interaction—unplugging can actually benefit your health. Social media is a wonderful tool to help everyone catch up with one another, but it can also cause anxiety and feelings of being left out. Phone addiction itself leads to sleep deprivation and even mental health issues.  

While one tech-free day doesn’t necessarily have a big impact on our brains or lives, it can help us enhance and strengthen other parts of our lives, like relationships and hobbies. A day of no technology can help kids, teens and parents learn how to be less dependent and find other forms of enjoymentlike reading, going outside, or playing board games. It might be a little tricky at first, but if tech-free days become regular thing, your family might actually start to look forward to them

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