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July 20, 2021
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Gratitude Attitude 

Create Gratitude Jars

In our busy world, people often forget to take a breath and appreciate all of the wonderful things and people that surround them. By taking some time and creating a gratitude jar, you not only remind yourself to be thankful, but also teach your children about the importance of expressing gratitude. Make a gratitude jar as a gift or for your whole family to share. No matter who the gratitude jar is for, make it fun; decorate the gratitude jar with your children and ask everyone to write down some reasons they are thankful. If you are making the jar as a gift, have everyone think of 3-5 reasons they are thankful to have this person in their lives. If you are making the jar for your family to share, asked everyone to think of 3-5 reasons they are thankful for their family or individuals within the family. The gratitude jar will not only be a fun project for you and your children, but it will also be a gift that keeps on giving.


Start them on holidays or on vacations and add them to a jar and revist a year later. It is amazing what rereading these statements as a family can be.

As parents we want to instill self worth, self esteem, and a greater outlook on life, when we can create outlets and opportunities as simple as things like this help develop and strengthen these things.



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