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The Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Kitchen: Are Your Children Safe?

The Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Kitchen: Are Your Children Safe?

As a parent, you’ve probably baby or childproofed your home, and more specifically, your kitchen. An outlet cover here, a baby gate there. But is it enough?  Studies show that more than 67,000 children experience an accident while in the kitchen every single year. Whether your children are home alone or you’re right there with them, the kitchen is one room to pay attention to when childproofing your home.

One of the most dangerous rooms in the house

As the heart of many households, a kitchen is a place for the family to bond through cooking and eating. However, there is a dark side to it as well, as there is hidden danger all around. Sure, you’ve got the cabinets tied together and perhaps a baby gate up, but what happens when your child outsmarts the gate? Is your prep enough to keep your children safe?

Kitchen safety is extremely important; as it’s the mecca for cuts, burns, bumps, and bruises. When it comes to babies who are crawling, a baby gate is a must; however, children who are more mobile and can stand will be able to bypass it, which in case it’s a good idea to take extra precautions. The problem with home safety is that most parents baby or child-proof things generally, but don’t think about the details. The kitchen is filled with details that can harm your child, from knives left on the edge of the counter to the stove itself, that parents often times forget about.

Prevention is a must

Taking precautions is vital when it comes to your child’s safety in the kitchen, and covering all your bases is necessary. Keeping your knives well out of reach is common sense, but it’s important to implement other safety techniques as well. Covering up sharp counter edges with something soft, like part of a pool noodle, can reduce the chance that your child will run into them. And locking up cleaning supplies is a good idea as well for babies and young children alike. More complex precautions like anchoring your stove to the wall can prevent your child’s curiosity from causing a horrible accident and can put your mind at rest.

Floor level hazards

Babies who crawl are often met with floor level hazards in the kitchen. That most people wouldn’t think about, such as fallen pieces of food. Constantly sweeping and mopping the kitchen can be a chore. But doing so can keep small pieces of food off the floor and save your crawling baby from getting ahold of something that can lead to a choking hazard.

That being said, keeping your child out of the kitchen with a baby gate while you’re preparing dinner is a great way to ensure that you can get all of the knives locked away and food picked up before they come in– and as for the dining room? Going tablecloth free can prevent your child from grabbing onto it and knocking the contents of your table onto the floor. Saving them from falling objects, and potential burns from that hot coffee sitting on your table. 

Organization is key to a safe kitchen

When coming home from a day at the office, it’s common for people to lay keys and other items around. However, for parents, doing this can lead to your curious child snatching whatever you have laying around. Depending on what it is can pose some safety hazards to them. Items like keys can wind up in the toilet. Small pieces of jewelry can pose as a choking hazard should your child put it in their mouth.

You might not think twice about your cell phone charger, pens, jewelry, or other day to day items lying around on your kitchen counters or table. Even the most mundane things can cause potential harm to your little one. If they’re at the age that they can reach items on your tables and counters, keeping everything squared away and organized will prove to be an excellent safety tactic for your child (not to mention you should never misplace your charger again). Organizing with bins is a great way to keep mischievous hands at bay. Keeping them out of reach on high shelves can make it near impossible for them to get into. 

Involve your family 

Involving your family baby proofing your kitchen. This can be a great way to get it done fast and effectively. As the saying goes: two heads are better than one. This can definitely be of use to have additional people brainstorming ideas and creative solutions to keeping your children safe. Having multiple people helping to baby proof the kitchen is also an excellent way to make sure that every outlet is covered. That baby gates are placed strategically throughout the house.

Keeping your children safe is a number one priority. Making sure they are as safe as possible is a must in order to prevent accidents. With the right precautions, you can protect your children from the hidden dangers of your kitchen. And put your mind at ease.

-Jacklyn Donald

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