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Leading By Example: A Q & A with Brooke Burke

Leading by Example: A with Brooke Burke


With health and fitness being such a big part of your life, how do you share your passion for healthy living with your family and children?

I have always tried to lead by example. I am an advocate for women’s health, but I also fully understand that it starts from within. As a fitness instructor, I appreciate the value of working from the inside out. My children see me guiding fitness classes and inspiring women in our community. They also see a working mom creating opportunities at home during this challenging time by creating content for livestreams and choreographing new content for the Brooke Burke Body fitness app.  Community is very important to me both inside and outside of the home. I make sure that I have positive personal dialogue in front of my children, especially my daughters. I teach them body confidence at every size shape and age. 

What do you do together as a family to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

We grocery shop together, we cook family meals together, and we discover and create new recipes. Family meals have always been a big part of my life. It started as a child and I hope that those family values are carried on for many years to come. My kitchen is the heart of my home and breaking bread together as a family is invaluable. It’s where we connect, catch up, and the table truly is our family conference room.

Kids come in all shapes and sizes. How important do you feel it is to teach our children body acceptance?Confidence and strength comes with personal acceptance. It’s not about a size, a shape, or a number. It’s about how we feel inside. One thing I know is that living a healthy lifestyle promotes immunity, energy, balance and a sense of accomplishment. 

We are so blessed to live in Southern California where vitamin D is free and an active lifestyle is inviting. We do things together as a family that are active and joyful without the stress on exercise. I do the delicate dance of being a fitness instructor and a mama at the same time. I can only encourage and create ideas. The rest is up to them. 

What words of advice can you share with kids and their families about living a healthy lifestyle for health and well-being, not for physical appearance or trying to achieve the “perfect body?”


There is no perfect. Confidence and acceptance is what breeds powerful character. I want my children to feel honored and supported, and to be confident enough to live out loud and free enough to develop their own identity and find pride in who they are.

There’s no judgment tolerated in my family and we don’t compare ourselves to each other. I support all of the unique individuality of all four of my children. And I celebrate their talents and differences. I believe that more acceptance and less expecting will help the journey of every parent. 

All of my children are vastly different and I raise them all to their specific needs. The way that a child feels will illuminate their physical appearance. I am often asked what beauty means to me,my constant answer is the way I woman feels is undeniable.


Brooke Burke 

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