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When to Let your Child Shave


If only we were born hairless and remained that way, our children wouldn’t come ask us questions such as “When can I start shaving? Whether you have a son or daughter, before you answer, your concern is the same: Is my child old enough yetIf your child has already brought it up to you, you can assume that they have started to become self-conscious of the hair on their body; when kids don’t see hair on their peers, this uncomfortable feeling becomes worse.  

The real question shouldn’t be how old your child is, but how ready he/she is to shaveOne of the key factors in making this decision is whether your child can shave independentlyIf they can’t, you may want to reconsider for another year or twoYou want to foster a sense of independence in your children by allowing them to shave; it’s not something you should have to help them through every time, but show them how once or twice and then let them go. 

While your child may be ready to shave, it may not be necessary to put that razor to the skinIf your child has light colored hair on their body, chances are that you can postpone shaving a little longerThe hair is not as noticeable, so wearing shorts, dresses and skirts when it’s hot out is not as embarrassingIf your child has darker hair on their body, you may want to reconsider why they are coming to you asking whether they can shaveMany times, children become self-conscious and become embarrassed when they have dark hair on their body that is prominent versus their friends who have lighter hair or no hair at allIt makes physical fitness classes more nerve wrecking as they consciously try to hide their hair. 

The best judge of when to let your child shave is based on you and your childYour answer is based on whether your child wants to shave because all of their other friends are doing it or because they are getting teased at school for having hair on their bodyThe answer is also dependent on whether your child is a boy or girlBoys tend to hold off on shaving their facial hair because it seems more masculine for them to have hair on their faceGirls, on the other hand, tend to want to shave their legs early because they feel that it will help improve their self-confidence.  


Lipika Wadhwa 

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