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Let’s Do Lunch!

Let’s Do Lunch!

For busy parents, getting date night on the calendar can be as easy as juggling knives. But perhaps that’s why many couples are turning to the lunch hours to spend some quality alone time.

From a quick and casual lunch to a fun outdoor adventure, lunchtime provides a number of great options for busy couples looking to spend time together. If you’re looking for some unique ways to make lunchtime count with your significant other, here are just a few fun ideas:


Skip the fancy restaurant and instead pick up your date at their office during their lunch hour. Pack a light lunch – bottles of chilled water, cut fresh fruit, and small deli sandwiches should do the trick – and find the nearest park bench or grassy area where you can sit, talk, and reconnect. Afterwards, take a stroll along a shady path, or if there’s a pond nearby, stop to feed the ducks.

The Great Outdoors

If you both enjoy the outdoors, pack a brown bag with lunch for two and then head to the nearest trail for a hike. Find a cozy spot to stop and share lunch while taking in the scenery around you. Or hop on your bikes and ride to your favorite hotdog stand or ice cream vendor. If you live in colder climates, spend your lunch hour at an outdoor skating rink. Then stop for hot chocolate and pastries before heading back to work.

Play Date

For a little friendly competition, challenge your date to a game of miniature golf – loser buys lunch! Or pack a picnic lunch, find a cozy picnic table and nibble while playing your favorite card or board game.

Love is in the Air

For a weekend lunch date, there’s nothing more romantic – or elegant – than Sunday brunch. Start with mimosas and enjoy delicious classics like Eggs Benedict or a plate of fluffy, buttery waffles. Finish with champagne and, of course, a decadent dessert. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a ride in a hot air balloon or take a tango lesson, followed by a lunch date. It’ll be one date that you’ll never forget!

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