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January 14, 2016
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January 15, 2016
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Light through the Darkness

Minute with Mom By//Kimberly Cabral

Over a year ago, I was sitting at my desk coming up with this past year’s editorial calendar.


When I first heard the word suicide come from my mouth, I was a little taken back. I questioned for a minute: do we talk about this? Is it too risky? A short while later, we heard the devastating news of the elementary school shootings. As I sit here today, reflecting on this topic and taking a look back at this last year, I am moved by the stories I have heard about, and unfortunately continue to hear about, and now realize the sense of responsibility we have to talk about these topics. These things are happening all around us and we can either choose to ignore them, or educate ourselves about them in order to help. We have a responsibility to help shed light through the darkness, to increase the understanding of it and take away the negative stigma that often is attached attached to any type of mental illness or emotional pain. Are we ever afraid to tell people we know someone who is battling cancer? Or someone who has a heart problem? Why are we so afraid to say that someone we know is battling mental illness? Shouldn’t we have more compassion, understanding, and medical support behind it?

The other night I watched Mr. Rick Warren and his wife expose their feelings to America following the loss of their own son to suicide. I honestly couldn’t hold back the tears, as I would never want to fully understand their pain. I admire their strength, and their willingness to share their pain, and their hope through  it all. But, what do families do, how do they heal, after a devastating loss such as that? Where does their hope lie in. All I can say is that faith can move mountains and overcome everything.

But you have to have IT!

As I travel through this thing called life, and more importantly parenthood, I am constantly surprised by what comes my way. Today, choosing to look head on at the challenges and not being afraid to talk about them, by teaching my children compassion, understanding and hope, it helps take away the negativity of it all. We are here to help teach our children about life, and the only way to clearly do that is to share with them everything we know…. Good, bad, happy or sad…it’s called Life.

Prayers and love to all the families out there who have felt loss. My thoughts are with you all.

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