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January 11, 2016
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January 14, 2016
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Lights, Camera, Action!

As a family, you’re always looking for new ways to create memories together. Taking pictures is one of the best ways to capture the moment and with new technology, it’s as easy as taking out your phone and snapping a picture!


If you have children, it becomes even more important to capture all tshutterstock_298904378he memories, such as their first smile or their first steps all throughout their lives.

One way you can bring the family together again is by reliving these memories and at the same time, creating new ones by bonding together. Take all of your old photographs and create a slideshow movie out of them with your favorite music and great effects! There are so many applications and downloadable software online that you can use to create your movie. One of the most convenient is Windows Movie Maker which allows you to upload your pictures directly into the software from your computer, add music, add transitions and put it together in whatever order you would like.

Have some fun together picking out the photographs you would like to use, decide on music and spend time creating the movie together. Relive some old memories and spend some quality family time. Once you’re done, these movies can make great holiday gifts for grandparents or family, ones that they can hold onto and treasure, relive and watch over and over again.

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