March 6, 2021
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March 8, 2021
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Living in a Digital World 


To do and not to do….That is the question…


Technology has sure shown us all the good and not so good sides of it. There is no doubt is has helped us all as a society during COVID-19 as the America who once commuted to a building has allowed for most businesses to log in from the comfort of their own homes and perform business as usual. While children have been taken out of there classrooms  some can join virtually to continue to learn from their teachers. We can stay connected to the world through a click and that click has probably become more of a click through the day and night.

There has never been a time where we we have relied on technology more than now- 

There has never been a time where there has been so much fuel on the fire to probably talk about and share about. 

During these current times not only has technology showed what an asset it can be- it has also shown what a liability it can be. How much time are we online, how much time are our children online- what we posting, what are we sharing..but more importantly how are we reacting online?

Personally I have always used my platform to share my truths and my loves of life. I always do it respectfully and never do I comment negatively on others beliefs. I mean isn’t that what it is for to allow your close friends and family into your everyday life and thoughts? It is supposed to be used to connect us.

During this time personally have been disrespected because of my beliefs online, while like I shared I don’t post to create division but to share publicly what I am passionate about. Honestly I have never been attacked before and it has caused me to pause, to reflect and to think about how publicly I respond to “hate”, but more importantly to use as a moment to model for my children how to respond to conflict. Our fight or flight response needs to be calmed by pausing and thinking how would we respond if this person was right in front of us. The screen takes away the filter we would normally use and while we are  living in a digital world we can’t forget the etiquette or the morality of “who” we are on and offline. They should be the same. 

Do I want to hide behind a screen and not share what I believe to protect myself- “NO” Do I respond with the same fuel and was projected to me” NO” I want to model for my children that they have a voice, they have a view and no matter what – no one should shame you for your beliefs nor try to disregard your integrity because of it. And while the world can project “hate” there is no place in life or  online to contribute to it.

Kimberly Cabral

Founder of MASK


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