“Sticks and Stones…” We all learned the phrase when we were younger and were taught, to some extent, that words are not as powerful as they can be. It was a time that we, as a society, pretended words couldn’t cause harm, that they weren’t daggers that could change someone’s life entirely. Even now, with society taking bullying more seriously, the power of words seems to be underestimated.
The scars may not be visible, like the ones caused by physical violence, but, in some ways, they’re even more impactful, especially for today’s youth. From the teen who develops an eating disorder to the teen who takes their own life, drastic actions are often the direct result of negative words.
Why are the statistics rising? What are the elements that are linked to bullying? Why isn’t bullying taken seriously? How do kids build resilience? What are some protective factors against bullying and the numerous mental health outcomes such as depression and anxiety? All these questions and more are answered in the fall issue of MASK The Magazine. This issue dedicates 88 pages to Actions & Accountability: Teaching children to be accountable for their actions.
From seven effective ways to combat bullying to teaching your child the power of saying you are sorry, the Actions & Accountability issue is packed with timely and trending information. From cover to cover, this award-winning magazine is filled with parenting advice from medical doctors, clinical psychologists, professors and professionals, as well as moms, dads and students.





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