Virtual Virus
Protecting Your Child’s Digital DNA
 A child’s digital footprint now starts before birth. From ultrasound photos and due date announcements posted on social media, to smart toys and home assistants, parents are revealing far more information than they realize about their children. In today’s day and age of online pervasiveness and social media overload, you may have heard the term “Digital DNA” floating around. While it might sound like an innocuous scientific experiment, it has far reaching implications that could affect you, and more importantly, your child’s future.
The winter issue of MASK The Magazine dedicates 96 pages to protecting your child’s digital DNA and examines their digital footprint and risks and rewards of being online, and will give parents and children the basic need-to-knows for acting responsibly and respectfully online. Parents will learn how to help their children navigate the ever- changing digital landscape and will hear, directly from teens, how social media affects their lives.
“Navigating the world of technology for parents is even harder because we didn’t grow up with the same access,” says Dr. Shefali Gandhi, a licensed psychologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Since we don’t understand our children’s experience, it’s difficult to keep up with everything new that comes out. Finding trusted resources, talking consistently with your child about technology and keeping up with changes are the best you can do.” Whether you have a Pre-K, elementary, junior high, high school or college student, Dr. Gandhi offers an age-appropriate guide to equipping our children with the best ways to handle technology in the “Making the Grade” section.
MASK The Magazine‘s Virtual Virus issue is filled with timely and trending information – from Kratom, a drug that is gaining popularity, to need-to-knows on health, prevention and connection. From cover to cover, MASK The Magazine is packed with parenting advice from medical doctors, clinical psychologists, professors and professionals, as well as moms, dads and high school students.
Do teens really care about their digital footprint? Do teens use social media as a distraction and escape from the real world? Can a college student’s digital footprint affect their educational and career aspirations? Pick up the Virtual Virus issue today to find out. MASK The Magazine offers solutions to the modern-day challenges families face and can be delivered conveniently to your door for only $24 per year. Click here to subscribe.





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