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About the Developing Brain

 As any parent knows, children, especially teens, can be irrational, impulsive and highly emotional. It seems as if they’re speaking another language and nothing makes sense.  If “Really? What were you thinking?” is a resounding theme in your household, keep in mind it’s not so much what teens are thinking, it’s how they’re thinking it. Scientists and researchers have been studying brain development in children for decades, and had concluded the brain’s architecture is set by age five. But recent research has shown the brain isn’t fully developed until around the age of 25.

Essentially, teens don’t think with the same parts of their brain as adults. To better understand why your children do the things they do, check out MASK The Magazine’s Complex Mind issue to learn the factors that can affect brain development. This issue will examine how technology, childhood trauma, lack of sleep and brain power can all affect brain development.

Whether you have a Pre-K, elementary, middle school, high school or college student, Dr. Shefali Gandhi offers an age-appropriate guide in the “Making The Grade” section on how to recognize where your child stands cognitively and socially, and how to nurture them during these different stages of brain development. This section provides resources and tips on what parents can do, as well as conversation starters to begin a healthy dialogue with your child.

From cover to cover, MASK The Magazine is packed with parenting advice from medical doctors, clinical psychologists, professors, and professionals, as well as moms, dads, and high school students.

The fall issue of MASK The Magazine is filled with timely and trending information – from the latest trend of teens purchasing Xanax from the dark web, to need-to-knows on health, prevention and connection.


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