The Internet offers a world of education and unlimited knowledge. Children are open to new ways of learning and connecting with friends and family. But as we all know, they are also exposed to a world of potential dangers. Texting, gaming apps and social networking platforms can expose your child to cyberbullying, inappropriate and explicit material, and alarmingly, even to sexual predators. As a parent, it is important to be aware of the issues in today’s digital era. The winter issue of MASK The Magazine, Digital Deception: Living in Today’s Digital Era and Navigating Your Child Through the Waves defines what you need to know and understand in order to keep your child safe. It offers ways parents can take an active role in protecting their kids while online, and informs parents how screen time can affect the developing brain while suggesting fun, age-appropriate alternatives to screen time. Whether you have a pre-K, elementary, junior high, high school or college student, this issue gives parents an age-appropriate guide to understanding the pros and cons of social media.
From cover to cover, MASK The Magazine is packed with parenting advice from medical doctors, clinical psychologists, professors, and professionals, as well as moms, dads, and high school students. In the Student Awareness Tools section, Pinnacle High School students share their perspective on the digital diary: “Teens, social media and the ‘need’ to share everything.” Readers will also hear from a police Commander who shares how he chose to mitigate the dangers technology presented to his child.

The winter issue of MASK The Magazine is filled with timely and trending information – from the nationwide trend of fake oxycodone affecting our communities, to need-to-knows on health, prevention and connection.

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