Leadership: Instilling Confidence, Problem-Solving and Independent Choice


As parents, we are tasked with raising the next generation of leaders, igniting their passion for service, instilling them with self-esteem and teaching them the importances of compassion and humility. Whether they grow up to lead governments, businesses, classrooms, or families of their own, the leadership skills our children learn when they are young are ones that will serve them in every aspect of their lives. 

“Leadership qualities help children better take responsibility and show ownership for their choices” says Leigh Rust, Psy.D., a psychologist at the New View Psychology group. What are some fundamental building blocks that can help children develop and manifest their leadership skills? What are the key leadership characteristics identified by research? How can parents help support the development of leadership skills in their children? Is every child cut out to lead the pack? Is being a leader a measure of success?  All these questions and more are answered in the Fall issue of MASK The Magazine Leadership: Instilling Confidence, Problem-Solving and Independent Choice. 

Fostering leadership in our young children can put them on a pathway to life-long resilience in social-emotional relations and education and occupational settings. “Children with strong leadership skills tend to experience a sense of control over their lives and may have the ability to make things happen for themselves and others,” says Dr. Shefali Gandhi, a licensed psychologist, in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Leadership is a skill that can be taught, coached and fostered through direct teaching, modeling, and creating an environment where children can practice these skills.” Some children may find it harder to develop leadership skills, but positive skill development can still benefit all children. From pre-K to college this issue of MASK the Magazine gives parents and caregivers Dr. Gandhi’s age-appropriate guide to fostering leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Additionally, this issue of MASK explores how to raise independent kids, crafts and keepsakes to make this fall,  the benefits of volunteering with your kids, and MASK’s “Need-to-Know” tips on bullying, technology, drug trends and safety. MASK takes pride in keeping you up to date with quarterly information on health, prevention and connection. Don’t forget to check out MASK’s “A List” of family friendly must-have items.

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