In a time when everyone is accessible every second of the day, boundaries often feel like a relic of a long-gone era, when people left work at 5 p.m. and someone “following” you was considered a bad thing. And while it may go against the popular zeitgeist of limitless access to one another, modeling and teaching children about healthy boundaries is one of our most fundamental jobs as parents. 

How can we model healthy boundaries in real time? How do boundaries evolve? How can we teach our children to establish digital boundaires? How can we help our children recognize unhealthy relationships? 


All these questions and more are answered in the winter issue of MASK The Magazine. Parents and caregivers will find an age-appropriate guide on teaching children the importance of setting personal boundaries as well as parent and child reading lists, resources and conversation starters to help you and your family implement these important life skills. 


Planning your next family vacation? You don’t need a passport to enjoy the Northern Lights. Check out MASK’s latest article highlighting the best viewing time, sites around fairbanks and fun facts about the Aurora Borealis. From 5 steps to successfully say no, to the health benefits of bay leaves and the dangers of the ever popular flavored alcoholic beverages this issue is packed with relevant information. 


Perhaps one of the most important articles of MASK’S winter  Personal Settings issue is one girl’s “Brave” story of how she was groomed in to sex trafificking. Brave’s trust and faith in others allowed her to escape the all too real world of sex trafficking and today she advocates to make sure what happened to her does not happen to others like her. The winter issue of MASK the Magazine warns parents and caregivers of  the 6 step process of grooming a victim into the world of sex trafficking.


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Subscribe now to the Personal Settings Issue.

MASK The Magazine offers solutions to the modern-day challenges families face.

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