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MASK Safety Tips For Fall

When it comes to overall safety for your child here are some tips to use and have conversations around.


The modern day challenges that are facing today’s families need to be talked about and knowledge is key.


Drugs– It’s important for parents to be first to talk to their children about drugs.  Knowing the effects and risks of drug use empowers children to make informed decisions.  Take administering medicine to your younger children as an opportunity to discuss the benefits of appropriate drug use and the effects of inappropriate use.  Explain to teens the hazards of driving and legal issues of illegal drug use.  

Bullying– Social skills increase in value as children advance from elementary school to high school.  An essential social skill in kids is eye-contact.  Eye-contact indicates self-esteem and assurance.  If your child has difficulties with making eye-contact ask them to look you in the eye when asking for something and while conversing.  Remember to praise your child and remember social skills develop over time.

Tech– Online predators work through the anonymity internet communication such as email, social media and instant messaging provide.  Teach your child not to disclose personal information on the web and to stop communication that becomes too personal or sexually suggestive.  If your child is targeted by an online predator, call local police and save information that can be helpful; like website and email addresses and chat logs.

SafetyHuman trafficking is the recruitment of persons by persuasion or coercion for the purpose of exploitation.  The U.S. Department of State estimates that half of the victims of trafficking are children.  Educate your child in stranger danger and whom they should trust.  Consider purchasing a GPS bracelet or watch to monitor where your child is.

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