Kimberly Cabral


Kimberly Cabral founded MASK in 2007. Kimberly has been in charge of developing innovative programs, concepts, and direction of MASK. As the CEO she oversees all programs and day to day activities. She is in charge of all partnerships, and public relations. Kimberly is dedicated to bringing proactive and preventive approaches to children, parents and the community. As the publisher of MASK The Magazine, her mission is to bring a new parenting magazine for today’s parents of school-age kids.

Michelle Cardini

Marketing & Communications Manager

Michelle co-founder of MASK, and is in charge of creating and carrying out all marketing strategies, media and public relations.

Meghan Kenney

E3 Program Development

Jenny Blunier

Community Relations Coordinator

As a member of the marketing department, Jenny oversees press releases to help define the identity of the organization. Additionally, she compiles and maintains membership lists and assists the Special Event Coordinator in fundraising and community outreach.

Ann Seidman

Accounting Manager

Assists with Grant applications and reimbursements, prepares month end reports and maintain records of all accounting activity. She also assists with the budget planning for the new calendar year.

Geralyn Taffori


Ensures the accuracy of all accounting matters including: Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Fundraising, Accounts Payable, Cash Disbursements, Journal Entries, and Reconciliation on all accounts.

Shelley Thomas

Special Events Coordinator

Shelley coordinates all MASK event details for MASK Signature MASKer Aide Ball, as well as MASK Empower Lunches.

Michelle Jacoby

Editor in Chief

Develops content and manages production of the magazine. This includes overseeing editorial content, photography and works with publisher, art director, writers photographers, stylists, story subjects and public relation firms.

Maureen Zucker

Creative Director

Collaborates with publisher and editor design concepts and overall goals to achieve desired results for each issue of magazine. Includes creative design of page layouts utilizing the supplied editorial and photography that best illustrates the main cover theme. Sourcing additional photography, if needed. In addition, develops creative layout design of MASK marketing materials.
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