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MASK’s Need to Know Tips

Ongoing conversations on important topics should be revisited. Here are four simple tips to keep up to date on trending topics.


Building self-esteem is a great way to give your child the confidence they need to face their daily challenges. Give your child the sense of importance so that they know that they matter, but don’t shelter your child too much. Give them the chance to experience disappointment and to make mistakes but ensure that they don’t feel a sense of failure.


Your child may be pressured into trying drugs at school. It’s important to be aware of what they bring home. Check your child’s backpack for plastic bags or empty canisters, which are known to carry drugs. Additionally, explain to your child that if he or she is being pressured to try drugs, they can use the excuse that their parents check their backpacks to get out of the situation.


When it comes to drinking and driving, technology can provide effective ways to help your child make the right decisions. The zTrip app, for example, provides transportation services that could help your child get out of a potentially dangerous situation. Available for the Android and iPhone, the app allows you to set up an account and reserve a vehicle to pick up and drop off your child.


If your child is being peer pressured, it’s important to teach him or her to say “no”. To peers who try to pressure them to try alcohol, drugs or have sex. Communicate with your child on exit strategies. Such as random drug trusts or checking their backpacks—for saying “no” and walking away from a sticky situation.

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