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Today, our nation is dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic and it has shaken the American education system, the economy and families to its core. But this won’t keep MASK from rolling out another year of great fundraising to help our children and families deal with these unprecedented challenges.


Join MASK supporters, on October 24th as we unite to give children and families tools for how to handle many issues, including responding to trauma, peer pressure, dealing with stress, technology-related challenges, refusal skills, emotional regulation, frustration tolerance, self-esteem, and setting boundaries. In today’s world, coping skills are more necessary than ever. MASK programs serve the community with the goal of building healthy children, strengthening parent-child bonds and improving school climate. 


The evening promises to raise funds to prepare and equip today’s youth to tackle and overcome challenges and thrive in this new normal. Funds raised will support the MASK E3 Institute, an online social emotional skills curriculum which directly impacts students and families, enabling MASK to continue its mission of empowering children to make safe, healthy choices. 


Join in on Keeping the MASKer Aide Ball Rolling and participate in the 

2020 MASKer Aide Raffle. 

Win wheels, rides and surprises with over 40 chances to win. 


Saturday October 24th.  Facebook/Instagram Live 6:00-8:00 pm (MTS)


The 2020 MASKer Aide Raffle


Contact MASK at 480-502-5337 for more information.



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