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Memory Maker

Memory Maker

Yes, I’m one of those parents. I’m the one who has 10,000 photos of my family. Actually, to be more accurate, I have 10,000 photos of each of my children. I have a camera that resides in my purse full-time, one in the car with different lenses, my multi-capable phone and, of course, the high-definition video camera to capture those defining moments in my children’s lives.

They hate it. And yes, I’m barely in any of them as I am the “memory maker.” My children have said to me on several occasions, “Mom, no more. You have enough.” But what they don’t realize (especially in today’s world) is that so much happens so often, I’m sure our memories can’t possibly process all the moments. In fact, these “pictures” actually can help spark those memories.

I absolutely love taking pictures. But what I don’t love—or what I wasn’t prepared for—is how fast the images change. Life as a parent is like a flash of time; from the flash as we hit the button, to the blink of the eye, our once little ones are now taller than we are, asking for the car keys, driving away and starting to take their own photos of life.

I never would have imagined when I had my first child that time would pass so quickly. As I sit here and write this, I can’t help but think of the fact that my youngest of 5 will be graduating in three years . I can’t help but question myself: Did I spend enough time with her? Did I say and do all the right things? Did I take enough pictures?

There’s no doubt I did everything I could, but was it enough? Does she know how much I love her, how important she is, how the scrapbook of her life is instilled in me forever and how proud I am? Does she understand that even though she’s, wiser than me, that I still see her as the first picture I took?

As parents, we’re never ready for what life has in store for us or for our children. We don’t anticipate what lies ahead and, sometimes, we take for granted the limited time that we actually have with them. They’re only with us for so long and yet, we have so much to teach them, nurture them and prepare them for their future. But mostly, we have so much to enjoy with them.

As we prepare for the summer, don’t forget to take the time, grab your cameras and capture those moments. Choose to be the “memory maker.” I promise, you will be glad you did. Here’s to our summer memories. And “YES,” I’m bringing my camera!

Kimberly Cabral

Founder / Publisher


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