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April 9, 2021
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April 11, 2021
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“Mom” I think I want to do music?   

Saturday days Saturday nights and all the days before and after; traveling here and there, in the bleachers, sidelines or in the crowd- this is how I spent and spend most of my time as a parent. 


There really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my kids. Life is short, and I have always wanted to nurture and strengthen what makes them spark and be excited about life. If you can find that and help them eventually turn into a career isn’t that the dream. 


Kids need help being exposed to many things, and sometimes that happens by accident. 

Kids also need to have joy in there days instead of all the to-dos and deadlines that is asked of them. Their passions serve as their healthy outlet of life. If they lack passion it gives room for the poisons to enter their lives, and those can creep in in many forms- really all of the topics we talk about…


I think as parents we can also predetermine what we think our kids can do or be good at, or as they get older what they should do with their life after the school years. Trust me; I have been surprised many times by my children. Sometimes we just need to get out from the lead of their lives and just be by their side for support.


 I remember when my son came to me while we were getting his college applications ready and said “Mom” I think I want to do music? He never played and instrument, never took a music class or voice lesson- but this is what he felt he wanted to do… it was not easy for me to change direction, but the first time I heard him in the music studio it validated for me his choice was right- not mine. I believe if you put in the time with your child with intention and encouragement there really isn’t anything they can’t do…



Kimberly Cabral

Founder of MASK



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