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Music is a Team Sport

music is a team sport

A Team Sport

At Bach to Rock – America’s Music School, music transforms into a team sport. Like playing in a sports league, belonging to a band supports teamwork and positive social interaction. Aspiring musicians form their team of peers. They name their own band, are coached by experienced performing musicians, develop a playbook, practice together and perform in front of the public. The achievement of mutual objectives during band lessons builds self-esteem. While the opportunity to perform in public at various B2R concerts and community events brings peer recognition, encourages healthy competition and results in a strong sense of personal accomplishment. As a school-age musician, I remember how rewarding it was to form our own bands outside of school so we could perform the music we loved (R&B, Rock-n-Roll).

My buddies and I were the original “garage band” kids. We would back dad’s car out of the garage, set up our equipment and practice for hours. Before long, we were doing gigs in front of community groups, dances at the American Legion hall and school gymnasiums. Pretty cool stuff! Bach to Rock – America’s Music School, located in the Scottsdale Promenade shopping center offers early childhood music classes starting at 6mos. and private lessons at age six or seven. Adult lessons are also available.


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