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5 Questions About Online High School

online high school

There can be several benefits to your child attending high school online. From less distraction and negative influences to a more flexible schedule and personalized attention, high school online can certainly be a much better alternative for your child. Still, we know how many questions come along with online education. To help parents and students better understand, Primavera Online High School has gathered the five most commonly asked questions and answered them all right here in this post! Check them out below.

1. How much does online high school cost?

In Arizona, all public charter schools are tuition free. So long as the school is not private, no tuition will be charged.

2. How do I transfer my child from another school?

To switch to any school, students will need to submit transcript records, which the previous school will provide. From there, the transferring process varies for each school.
For example, at Primavera Online High School, applicants need to fill out an online form at ChoosePrimavera.com From there, an adviser works with each student to get all the necessary documents collected. New students will also work with a guidance counselor to assist them in signing up for the right courses and providing any assistance in their schooling thereafter.

3. What will courses look like?

While daily coursework will vary within each school, the majority of online curriculum is interactive and tailored to the student. Generally, students attend online live teaching sessions where they will learn the material and engage in discussion boards. Many schools will also have online workbooks and lessons for students to read and study independently.
The amount of classes can vary per school as well. At Primavera, students take two courses every six weeks in order to better focus, catch up on credits or get ahead and graduate early.

4. Will my child get any social interaction?

While this can be a great concern for students and parents, online students have several opportunities for socialization. Most online schools have online student clubs, hold in-person events and have chat rooms monitored by the school for students to connect with classmates in a safe, inviting way.

5. How do students communicate with teachers?

In Arizona, public charter schools’ instructors should have the same qualifications as traditional teachers. Without the turmoil of 30 or more kids in a classroom at once, online teachers are able to provide more one-on-one support to their students through online tutoring sessions, phone calls and emails. Additionally, some online schools will have another feature for students to contact teachers.
For example, Primavera Online High School has a Parent Student Portal (PSP), where students can log on and chat directly with the teacher. In many cases, Primavera students report that they actually communicate more with their teachers at Primavera than they did at their previous school.

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