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The MASK Academy is a year-long multi-tiered peer-to-peer program that aims to build social and emotional skills in children while helping the school create a positive climate in a manner that helps teachers and school administrators meet educational standards.

Our goal is to improve school climate, build healthy children, and strengthen parent-child bonds through psycho educational information, classroom-based activities, and education on current trending topics through the MASK Academy and MASK The Magazine.

The Parent University is an important part to the MASK Academy. Establishing ongoing communication with your child on these social situations will help lead them to healthy choices.


   Did you know?


of young people said they cyber-bully because they think it’s funny.

A great way to start conversation is to ask about the MASK kids story: Today they learned about Masen.

Masen’s skateboarding coach videotaped him skateboarding and posted it online. Someone chose to post a negative comment on the video. Masen knew not to be negative and chose to ignore the comment. Even though Masen tried to not think about the comment, the negative comment was making Masen feel bad about himself. He just couldn’t stop thinking about the negative comment. Masen’s friends used Cyber Power to post positive comments on the video, but the negative comment was still bothering Masen. One day at the skateshop, Masen’s sponsor called him over. Masen decided he had to tell his coach about the negative comment. His coach listened and told Masen that he had already deleted the comment. Masen made the right choice when he ignored the negative comment. He also knew when he needed to talk to a trusted adult about what was going on. Masen and his friends learned how to use Cyber Power and that it’s #cool2bkind.





What you can do?

  • Model healthy technology use
  • Set family guidelines when it comes to technology
  • Make it safe for your child to come to you
  • Discuss the hidden dangers of social media with your child
  • Know your child’s passwords and usernames on all accounts (emails and social media)

Conversation Starters

  • What would you do if someone started making mean comments online about you?
  • What would you do if you saw your friend being cyberbullied?
  • How would you feel if a group of your friends started texting you inappropriate  messages?
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