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The MASK Academy is a year-long multi-tiered peer-to-peer program that aims to build social and emotional skills in children while helping the school create a positive climate in a manner that helps teachers and school administrators meet educational standards.

Our goal is to improve school climate, build healthy children, and strengthen parent-child bonds through psycho educational information, classroom-based activities, and education on current trending topics through the MASK Academy and MASK The Magazine.

The Parent University is an important part to the MASK Academy. Establishing ongoing communication with your child on these social situations will help lead them to healthy choices.

MASK-DUK-Star-in-Circle-GraphicDid you know?

Estimated that more than 500,000 pedophiles/predators are online everyday

Your child was educated today on Cyber-Safety

How to play and stay safe online.


Each MASK leshutterstock_179657024sson that your child is taught has a MASK kid story. MASK uses a storytelling approach to enhance the learning experience. This is also a great way to initiate conversation about their lesson. Simply ask them what they learned about Kendrik.

So that you are aware, Kendrik is in 4th grade and has started to really enjoy playing an online game. In our story, he starts playing this game everyday and meets someone on the game. The person on Kendrik’s game makes it seem like they are friends and starts asking for some personal information. Kendrik realizes that the person on his game is not actually his friend because he has never met them; this person is a stranger. Kendrik tells his trusted adult and learns how to play and stay safe online. We want you to be able to have conversations with your children about how they are spending time online. Ask your child about Kendrik’s story. Tell them that you hope they would talk to you if something like that ever happened to them.

What can you do?

  • Model healthy technology use
  • Set family guidelines when it comes to technology
  • Make it safe for your child to come to you
  • Discuss the hidden dangers of social media with your child
  • Know your child’s passwords and usernames on all accounts (emails and social media)
  • Teach your child to never give out personal information
  • Check their search history to see where your child has been on the internet
  • Google your child’s name, search history
  • Friend your children on Social Media
  • Keep computer in a central location
  • Tech free zones
  • Check privacy settings
  • Have check in times/charging area for electronics

Conversation Starters:

  • Do you know what personal information is?
  • I’ve noticed that some of the online games you play are interactive with people you don’t know. What would you do if they asked to meet you after school? Would you feel comfortable telling me?


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